Thinking Out Loud #1

March 3, 2017


It hits you spur of the moment when you’re writing. Sitting here, all the sudden, I’m thinking of times long ago. Ex high school girlfriends, the military, my kids when they were young. It might have to do with writing the book I’m involved in right now. The story starts in 1962 when my main characters are only twelve years old.


While trying to write the characters at such a young age I attempt to call upon the memories of my own past (not that I'm that old) and it’s not until you’re thinking of these things that you realize what a handful you must have been for your own mother. At least I must have been. She tells me I was a good kid, but I really don’t think she knows the real trouble I got into. Sorry mom.


Anyways, I am the youngest of three, and a story from my childhood that comes up from time to time, the one I'm thinking about now, is when I was about eight I began to build a fort in our backyard. With the help of my Grandfather I made myself a fort to be proud of and when it was completed, my friends from around the neighborhood began to hang out at my very boyish fort. And for a moment, I was cool.


That was up until my two siblings (older sisters – ten and twelve) thought they could make my fort even better. So, as girls do, in came the curtains around the windows and vases of flowers for the table. They, being older, said it was for decoration and the flowers were to make the place smell nice. Smell nice they told me...


Needless to say, there went my friends and suddenly I was once again without a cool place to hang out and forced to ride my bike down the street to my friend’s house because no one wanted to be in a fort with flowers and curtains.


I love my sisters, and still to this day think they make things harder than they have to be, but I look back now and realize, instead of tearing the fort down because of them, I should have stayed and hung out with them. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty as they say and my sisters are more friends than those boys were because I couldn’t tell you any of their names today. But I will never forget that my sisters were there trying to make things better for me. And they still do today.

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