Introductions: "Who is he?" you asked.

August 16, 2016


Welcome to my new website!! I'm glad you were interested enough to drop in. Now that you're here I figure why not first introduce myself. 


Hello, I'm Eric. It is so very good to meet you. 


Good, now that's out of the way, let's see what we can find out. 


I've never been one to talk about myself. I can write about others all day long but when it comes to things like this I think I'll have to treat it like an interview. How hard could it be? I talk to myself inside my head all day. I should be able to answer my own questions. 


Who is Eric Sikes? Well, let's find out. I'll start with common questions. If you have one of your own feel free to contact me. I'll answer what I can. 


1. How long have you been writing? 


Writing? A little more than twenty years. Seriously writing? The last five years. 


As it reads on my Bio Page, I started writing when I was in the military. I was in the Navy and when we were underway, after the work was done, we had lots of down time. I started by reading anything I could find. Then I began writing down the things happening around me. Before I knew it I was making up stories of my own. First, it was a journal of sorts. I knew many SEAL's and EOD members and benefited from their first hand accounts. I can't tell you how. I can't name names. That's why they're stories. 


2. First book you ever read? 


It, by Stephen King and it scared the crap out of me. I'm not afraid to say it now. I was eighteen years old, in the Navy and on my own for the first time, and I decide to read this book at night time, in my rack. It wasn't so bad until I was halfway in and had to use the bathroom one night. Lights out, dark corridors, I swear I looked down every aisle waiting for a clown to pounce. I have to say, I was lucky to make it through. 


3. What type of Books do you write?


While in the Navy I had this idea of a New World Order. I guess it was working for the government and hearing the stories told from others about how our world was run and how many other countries hated the U.S. After a little investigating I read about secret societies and rouge individuals who wanted to create a governing body to take over not only the United States but the world. So The Blackhawk Group was born. 


Most of my stories somehow involve The Blackhawk Group. Wings of Madness is about a secret laboratory that is trying to produce the perfect soldier. This was my first. 


Point Man came later and follows Jake Chapel through his career. From recruitment for The Blackhawk Group out of High School, through SEAL training, to becoming one of the best defenders of the organization there ever was. The beginning of this book connects largely to my Navy experience.


Dreamland involves six common people who wake up in one of their facilities for experimentation. They attempt to figure out where they are while avoiding the dangers within. 


4. What are you working on now?


Well, I did take some time off, but you know how it is, even if you're not working you're working. So I have several chapters written about different events that might go into a book someday. My next story was going to be about a special team put together, black book kind of thing, that tracks down nuclear weapons made to be used against the U.S.


With that being said, I was writing last week about a group of kids, who grow up in the 1960's in a neighborhood where kids start disappearing when a new neighbor moves in across the street. I'm not very far in, I think maybe eight thousand words, but it would be something different for me. Nothing to do with The Blackhawk Group. So I think I'm going to give it a try. We'll see what happens. 



So that's me in a nutshell. I'm glad you stuck around and wanted to learn how boring I really am. Thanks to everyone for taking the time. It truly does mean the world to me that people take an interest in my stories. 


If I can think of anything else, we'll give this another try. 


Best wishes to you all, 


Eric Sikes








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Introductions: "Who is he?" you asked.

August 16, 2016

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