the blackhawk group

In a world that exist outside our own, men must fight secret wars not only between countries but in every aspect of business, science, religion and governmental regulation if they expect to achieve a New World Order – The Blackhawk Group are these people.

With individuals in almost every organization in the world, they fight with dedicated groups, made by their own technologies, to win strategic situations as they attempt to take over your world.

In the book Wings of Madness, it details the secret installation of Foster Peaks and how they attempt to create human assassins by using advanced mind control techniques without the worry of humane treatments. Their only obsession is the ability to control the world. When one of their subjects escapes, ex-Special Forces Soldier Mark Lawson must track down and capture him.

Point Man follows Jake Chapel through his life as he is recruited and trained to become the finest in his field only to learn, after twenty years of faithful service, they will turn against him just as quickly as anyone, when he is framed for violating company laws. Innocent, Jake Chapel will fight even against the ones who betray him. (There is a part two to this story in its early stages.)

Dreamland – is a facility where training is life or death. Here they teach in real world scenarios to either pass by doing what you must or perish without anyone knowing how. Trapped in darkness with realities that were once only memories, six people face the terrifying fact that they may never again see the light of day.

Follow the stories of the Blackhawk Group here and see who makes it out alive and who becomes another pawn in a New World takeover.

© 2020 by Eric Sikes