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Hello and welcome to my page, I'm very happy you took the time to check it out. To give you the short of it, I'm Eric. I'm a fiction writer time traveling through my own imagination. At least that's how it feels. Whether it's conspiracy theories, time travel or space exploration, I love and write them all. Feel free to hang around and check out the site. You can find sample chapters Here or scroll down to learn more about myself or my work. Thanks again and follow along if you like what you read. Have a great day!

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Point Man
Wings of Madness


I love the premise behind these stories. I found myself always wondering what was coming next. I hope there’s more.

Terri W.

Jun 29, 2016


Truly an amazing story. Dreamland was both enticing and thrilling.  I will definitely be buying the others to read, and any in the future. Story very well told Mr. Sikes. FIVE STARS from me.

Anthony D.

Jan 15, 2016

New York

I’ve read two of the three and I’ll tell you, I couldn’t put them down. I’m waiting on Dreamland now and can’t wait to get started. Excellent!


Feb 2, 2016




Eric Sikes is a decorated United States Navy Veteran who began writing while in the military and it wasn’t long before he had a story to tell. With insights into the military, from the Navy Seals to shipboard life abroad, Eric writes his stories with both conviction and admiration for the reader.

Writing throughout his military service, jotting down his adventures, he now includes his experiences in his stories using his involvement within a close-knit community as a catalyst to make the reader feel as if they're a part of the story.

After the Navy, Eric found construction work remodeling homes until he settled into a Private Investigator position where security and information gathering merely became more fuel for his incredible tales.


Eric currently resides in Glendale Arizona and although his books may have a real-life tone, he enjoys living to the fullest and refuses to take himself serious. His hobbies include movies, reading, traveling, camping, hiking and hanging out with friends.




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